Here’s what some of our client’s have to say…

“Operations have commented that they are experiencing higher production numbers due to less interruption of package flow, less time addressing package jams, and zero time spent applying chute lube, which is a directly result of the lined chutes!”Tom E - Harrisburg, PA
“Our two conveyors didn’t shut down once during PEAK – Just awesome!”Todd N - Hagerstown, MD
“We’ve eliminated facer personnel and are seeing greater efficiencies with package flow during sorts. We don’t have the highs and lows we used to see every night!”Tom L - Baltimore, MA
“We haven’t had a trip overload in close to 2 1/2 yrs since the liner was installed!”Jeff J - Secaucus, NJ
“We haven’t had a single person climb the coal chutes since you’ve done the work!”Bill M - Hartford, CT
“Oh, we believe in the work SurfaceWRX is doing!”Ken S - Princeton, NJ
“Its unbelievable the difference in our sorts on rainy days!”Jamie D - Ashland, KY
“I used to spend half my nights relieving jams, I don’t do that anymore!”Adam D - Baltimore, MA
“You need to know that Im a huge fan!”Tom E - Harrisburg, PA
“Unbelievable, We noticed the dramatic difference in our first nights sort, package handlers were excited!”Brian W - Boston, MA
“Our trip overloads are down 80-90%!”James G - Hartford, CT
“Just get your ass up here and stop our packages from jamming!”Dean B - Secaucus, NJ
“We wanted an update on our chute enhancement efforts, In a word, SUCCESS!”Tom E - Harrisburg, PA

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