Our Team “WRX” with you from START to FINISH!
No Outsourcing or Subcontracting.

SurfaceWRX initiatives were born based on concerns from facility engineers, maintenance managers and operations personnel.

Our Mission: Cure common, costly sort problems!

  • Package jamming
  • Costly use of Chute Lube, Graphite paint and chute waxes
  • Damaged Packages
  • Safety Concerns
  • Personnel Costs
  • Facility Downtime

Our dedication to two install principles has proven to successfully combat these problems and improve package flow.
1. Proper liner design and critical placement of material is key.
2. Turnkey Project Execution = The improved performance and efficiency of your equipment.

  • We Listen
  • We Plan
  • We Have Experience
  • We Ensure your Satisfaction

Ready to improve your package flow?